About Us

Our History

Our family came here from Eastern Europe 15 years ago, and right after we arrived we started working in this business. I agree that landscapers are not only used for gardens and lawn care, although this is an important part of any home design. Decks and fences are just as crucial when creating landscape architecture. Most people love a well-kept lawn, but the key to landscaping is to make sure it fits your personal needs and desires. For instance, do you need your fence to restrain dogs? To separate noisy neighbors (that happens quite often), or is it simply for aesthetic value? Do you want a deck for large parties or a small patio for relaxing?Many factors go into landscape beyond flowers and trees, though these elements should also reflect your personality.

Our Focus

We create and maintain  landscape for both residential and commercial clients. We thrive on innovation and collaboration, and our measure of success is determined by the accolades we receive from satisfied customers.

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